Is there really a difference between Day Care/Child Care and Preschool?

Yes! Both Day Care and Child Care centers are focused on simply taking care of the basic needs of a child and engaging in play. Neither offers an educational environment with a focused curriculum. In addition, you will find that neither Day Care nor Child Care centers are staffed with many post High School educated Teachers.

Research shows that attending a quality curriculum based preschool is not only important for a child to excel in school, but also shows that preschools are ahead of child care centers and day care centers when it comes to preparing children for life. High quality preschools focus on teaching the whole child—socially, emotionally, and academically during the most formidable time of a child’s life.

It is recommended that children have some sort of group experience, without a parent or caregiver, before they enter kindergarten (Kanter, 2007, p. 66). Kindergarten teachers know and appreciate former preschool children, for they come to school with good social skills and behavior management skills.

Spondeo Preschool is designed to provide the highest level of education in a caring and loving environment. Our teachers are educated individuals who have dedicated their career to the education of young children. Our students are excited about school and learning.

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