What is the difference between a Montessori Preschool and a Traditional Preschool?

Montessori preschools offer its students an individualized curriculum where precocious children are not held back due to chronological age or developmental delays such as potty training. In a traditional environment, age and potty training are the sole basis for grouping children without any regard to a child’s skill, interest or ability.

Montessori preschools teach students social graces such as respect for self, others and the environment through daily reinforcements, follow through and teaching techniques. In a traditional environment, social interactions tend to be fragmented and conflict resolution is sparse.

Montessori preschools offer academic development through individualized curriculum that provides students continuous challenges regardless of age. In a tradition preschool, teachers are limited to rote learning regardless of differences in a student’s ability or interest

Montessori preschools also offer their students a plenty of opportunity for movement and outdoor time including the freedom to move safely and appropriately around the classroom, planned outdoor activities including gardening and outdoor learning environments in additions to free “recess” play time. In a traditional preschool, outdoor time is generally very sparse and limited to “recess” type play. Minimal movement is tolerated in a traditional classroom environment with students mostly seated at desks and needing to ask permission before moving around the classroom.

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